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I don't think so.


I'm a write-in Democrat candidate
running on my own dime.
I'm not wealthy, but I have worked on many big tech projects and was raised with farmers. There is always room for another voice, and I'm doing democracy in a way that I think is interesting, and may generate conversation about what we all have to contribute in the next few years. It's a crucial time. And it may or may not take money to get there, but it will take thinking differently and a bit of ingenuity and grit. 

I think we can change elegantly together.

It doesn't have to be scary, and it doesn't have to be painful, but we have to change and grow for future generations, and the quality of life for ourselves now.


And maybe we will learn a lot along the way.


First stop: Iowa caucuses, February 3rd, 2020

This website is designed both hierarchically and linearly, like our current system, because we all have a challenge to update and find the bridge between each. Please keep coming back for updates. It's just me at the moment, so hold on.


prototype solutions for your community inspired by your daily life.


share a story about your life or living democracy.


keep it simple. tools are important, but ideas and getting feedback on them is where it all begins.


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