To run for President of the United States, you need to file paperwork with the FEC. If you ever want to do so, you will need to start here.

Here is my paperwork:

Form 1

Form 2


Often I have heard people talk about how much money a person needs to run for President of the United States. I am not certain what all the money is needed for, so I am tracking my budget if anybody else wants to try this way in the future. I understand larger amounts of money are needed to ramp-up quickly if the campaign becomes competitive, but this is how I am starting. I am also publishing my budget here so that if anybody wishes to help on this journey and contribute, they can see how their contributions are being used. 

When I am not certain of something, I try to make it clear to myself through observations and experiences. 

Below is a spreadsheet of the budget. I will update it weekly.