the workbench area

In life, anybody can stop trying because when something is in its early stages, it is messy. Criticism or making fun of the ideas can stop people from trying. So, I propose we all be messy for a moment and try anyway. It is the only way to include everybody and also get to answers that could only be developed in an open and free society because they are more complex and multi-faceted, and that is what big problems need from solutions. So this is the workbench area. I will start, but I hope this page will constantly be iterating and updating as people submit their concerns and ideas. We should all be a team, able to input solutions or ideas. We simply do not have a structure that allows this currently, so let's start here. Do not worry about how it looks.


After I have completed inputting my ideas, I will then begin to link to other peoples' ideas and requirements on these issues and post them on the website. The purpose of this is to show the progress we can make in place to aggregate everybody's ideas and solutions into a pre-policy suggestion box. There is no reason not to start this now where I make it into the debates or not. I am happy to give my time to this as it is important both in the way our government and democracy work, and also to understand what voices we are missing, and what ideas make a lot of sense but are not often incorporated into the conversation.

As the campaign progresses, I want everybody to feel that they can submit their ideas, or talk about them with me, and they can then be featured on the website, or I can link to them.

Below you can see what topics are actively finished when they are linked to more details. I will post more here as I go. It is just me at the moment, so it will be iterative and at the pace, I can produce the content. Keep checking back as I will update this area all through December 2019.


This is a challenge both for our country and an opportunity to create solutions for the world. Below are topics I want to cover and highlight because they are solutions we can start on and take into account both the human, environmental, technical and cultural needs.

Rural American, Farms, and Sustainability


This needs to get solved and soon. There are too many Americans who have lost their sanity to medical bills. Too many doctors and nurses who are unduly struggling with workloads that are not sustainable.

This will be updated after driving through different states over Thanksgiving break.



Everybody needs and wants to evolve democracy processes. Why? Because there are very compelling ideas that could help everybody beneficially within in a democracy, whether it is to create a small business or solve an issue in your area. We need to look at how policies receive inputs, to the generation and funding of ideas, to something as interesting as democracy vouchers to create fairer fundraising in elections.

For now, I want to ensure a system is built for people to input their ideas via a national suggestion box. From that suggestion box, based upon larger categories that are national in nature, and we all know we need to solve, peoples' ideas will be credited into a national set of points that can be redeemed upon retirement, or sooner if a person chooses. They equate to money, but they also help to spur innovation for prototype requirements that can be funded.



We are living longer. it's a good thing. For goodness sake, there really needs to be an updated understanding of work and retirement. The categories we group ourselves into currently are simply a demographic label, so let's pull ourselves together please, and find a way to share and support each other in solving the big issues of this country.





We are starting to see the impacts of and benefit of technology in our society, but we also have to talk about what may happen next and how we, as a society, will grapple with those issues. We can start thinking specifically about how powerful it could be if we carefully thought about what technologies hold the most benefits for our society, and the hazards, and work with companies, and discuss what safe-guards tech companies could be incentivized towards rather than not.