Could we please stop arguing for a moment, and consider both the quality of our surroundings and the health of everything and everybody when we think about the environment? Could we talk about solutions, specifically, or the observed pain points, and the competitive advantage of taking on this challenge as a country that could lead the world in understanding our planet? How our GDP growth, competitive advantage, species diversity, and military are tied to understanding this? And also our health and our children (and even children's children) are intertwined with this issue.

We have a challenge, and an opportunity, to create solutions for ourselves and the world. Let's courageously and creatively go there. Below are topics I will be covering (but will be added to as people input their concerns or ideas). Everything will be updated as I go, and from input from all of us.

Rural America, Farms, and Sustainability

Topics Covered:

  • The Family Farm

  • Young and Old Farmers and How We Need to Connect

  • A Digital Farm Marketplace (How Can it Work)

  • Food Waste

  • Small Town America and the Importance of the Arts

  • Can We Get a Signal Out Here? (How rural America needs internet access)

We Have the Technology, We Can Do This

Topics Covered:

  • Not the Bionic Woman, but Definitely Big Data

  • Renewables

  • Let's Measure, Shall We?

  • Afraid of Technology or Collapse? Then Let's Ensure We Build a Sharing Society to Survive

  • International Cooperation and Local Responsiveness

  • Natural Disasters - Let's Do This Well Now

Reduction Ain't So Bad

Topics Covered:

  • It's a Goal with Carbon, But What About Including Particulates?

  • How Healthy?

  • Could we Compete with the Rest of the World to be the First Country to Do So?

Waste No More

Topics Covered:

  • Why Is Anybody Going Hungry in this Country? Better Distribution of Food.

  • A Technology System to Help Manage Food

  • How Important is This in a Climate Plan?

Plastics, Fish, Water, Oh my

Topics Covered:

  • Why Does it Matter (We Are Drowning in Plastic)

  • The Impacts on our Lakes, Streams, and Oceans, and Aquatic Life

  • How Can We Change This?

Cultural Importance

Topics Covered:

  • Native Americans Role in Having a Language of Nature + Education

  • Can We Create a National Understanding of Species Diversity and Understanding?

  • How Do We Define Ourselves Amid a Crisis? Americans have taken on difficult things before.