No one should ever fear suggesting an idea that is beneficial to others. Many of the answers the world needs comes from individuals whether it is addressing challenges peacefully, or aligning groups of people in practical ways to solutions. No one should ever feel that they cannot manifest their ideas because they do not know people in a specific area of expertise or are not surrounded by people who are doing so. We can find ways to connect people based upon ideas and solutions.


Of all the fears I have listened to people tell me after catastrophic events, the only guarantees we have as a society to get through difficult times is to insure we interact with each other to solve every day issues. There is no safety in tearing each other apart. 

And I do not care if I win given the odds in doing something like this, I care that I tried. I feel this way about everybody else also, that they try no matter what the odds may be. It does not have to be perfect, and it does not have to complete. There has been enough anxiety and pain over considering the negation of people as the only tactic for winning, so I think the only way to lose is to let that stop anybody from trying.

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